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Ayurveda is a 5,000-year-old healing system that originated in ancient India.

The word Ayurveda is derived from the Sanskrit word, ayus, meaning “life,” and veda, meaning “wisdom” or “science.”


The purpose of Ayurveda is to help us return to our natural state of health, balance, and wholeness.

Ayurveda is a consciousness-based approach to health and healing.

Science is beginning to understand the nature of the world in a way that parallels the ideas of the Ayurvedic physicians. 

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Good news... We can change the state of our health and stave off disease! Besides the everyday practicality of feeling our best and living as our healthiest selves, there is a great deal of evidence showing that Ayurvedic practices can change gene expression to promote healing, self-regulation, and balance. 

Together we can assess your individual body and mind type to help you make conscious choices for your optimal physical and mental health. 

I offer one time consultations as well as family and group consultations and followups. 

The six most important pillars of health:
Movement/Physical Activity
Healthy Emotions
Optimal Nutrition.

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