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Most people have either  experienced overwhelming and stressful life situations or are just unsatisfied with the current state of one or more area's of their lives. 

The practices, skills and conscious choice making that has allowed me to move forward in in spite of my challenges and has allowed me to find joy in all areas of my life is what I'm offering.

I work with individuals and groups in all three areas, (Meditation, Coaching and Ayurveda) as well as giving talks and workshops.
Whether I am coaching, teaching mantra meditation or giving an Ayurvedic consultation, it is all about you. It is your time to gain the direction and self knowledge to make the your life as best as possible.
Yes, I became an integrative wellness coach because of difficulties in my own life that could have easily caused serious problems for my health and wellbeing.   

Along time ago I listened to a podcast or tape about quarks and particles by Dr. Deepak Chopra. This curiosity lead me on a long journey, with many teachers, of meditation and self reflection. It was not always smooth or consistent. I listened, I read and often I'd slip back to my overwhelming human experience. 

But I stuck with it enough to absorb and understand the truth. We will have pain but we do not have to suffer through our lives. We can feel good and connect with our inner joy and our wholeness. We do not have to bury ourselves in thought and distractions. After all, we are consciousness, we are all possibilities. 

Although I live my life as an Integrative Wellness Coach, Meditation Teacher, Ayurveda Consultant, mother, daughter, wife, artist and dog lover..... I approach all of it through my true nature, my consciousness, the discerning witness of it all.

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