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Our bodies are very good at at listening to what we need. 


If we are faced with any kind of stress our bodies release stress hormones, like cortisol and adrenaline. We energize and possibly go into fight or flight. If this happens over and over it can take a toll on our mental and physical health.


As we adapt to this chronic stress response  we settle into our stressful routines which over time can lead to poor health and challenges such as depression anxiety inflammation heart disease among others.


We are addicted to doing. Espeacially those  of us considered “Boomers”.  Many of us push ourselves unaware of the toll that this takes on us. We can break this cycle of stress and experience optimal physical and mental health . 

Being is the way.

The easiest way to avoid disease, suffering and mental pain caused by stress is balancing doing with being. When we infuse being with everyday activity we open up the space in our lives needed not only for physical rest but for mental health as well.  We create balance in our lives and find our inner joy.


I combine life coaching with holistic practices of meditation and ayurveda with your own inner intelligence to create the necessary restoration for optimal health.  All we have to do is lean in and experience ease and the magic.


I have experienced this magic
my self. I am now passionate about
helping others because these
practices changed my life.


With 40 years of creative problem
solving, 30 years of meditation, 7
years of teaching meditation and
coaching experience, I have been

able to assist individuals and groups
in attaining the ultimate possible


Whether I am coaching, teaching
mantra meditation or giving an
Ayurvedic consultation, it is all about
you. It is your time to gain the
direction and self knowledge to
make the your life as best as possible.


The idea of “doing it all” for women, particularly Baby Boomers, often comes with various costs and challenges. While many Boomer women have achieved career success and balanced family responsibilities, they have also faced the challenges of navigating societal expectations, limited support systems, and potential sacrifices in terms of work-life balance and personal fulfillment. The cost can include stress, burnout, health issues, and the need to make difficult choices between career and family. It’s essential to recognize and address these challenges to support women in achieving their goals without undue personal costs.

Armed with passion from own difficult experiences along with certifications in Meditation, Ayurveda,  Integrative Health Coaching, and a MFA in fine Art, I help hundreds of women overcome self-doubt and uncertainty. In my early thirty’s I was single and broke with two babies, feeling completely alone and extremely worried.  I found my way through with the help of meditation. 


This was the start of an amazing path of personal evolution and wellness. I began to be able to be intentional, responding to situations thoughtfully instead of just reacting.  I have now been married to a wonderful partner for 25 years , raised two children and have had two amazing careers that I have been passionate about.  I am a creative who truly believes in these amazing  and easily learned practices. Integrative wellness coaching infused with meditation and creative process is powerful combination.

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